10 Dec 2021

Giorgio Griffa, the seventies

This important exhibition by Giorgio Griffa includes 14 works all from the seventies and therefore useful to understand the beginning of his artistic career. It is an essential painting composed of lines now relatively thin now marked. Griffa makes a decomposition of the figure or canvas in general until it is reduced to lines whose composition then generates painting. There are therefore no figures or extensive backgrounds but according to the logic of Analytical Art, of which he was one of the first proponents and perhaps the main exponent...

25 Nov 2021

Arte in Nuvola

It was held from the 18th to the 21st of this month"Arte in Nuvola",an art exhibition held at the Centro Congressi la Nuvola in Rome. The event is the first of its kind made in this prestigious architectural complex that takes its name from the cloud-shaped structure that occupies much of the interior of the building. Grandiose work consisting of a fiberglass fabric that gives lightness on the outside and a uniformly warm brightness on the inside. The cloud is carried by a structure in shaped pylises. The event was a huge success with the p...

9 Nov 2021

Art Padua 2021

We will take part in Arte Padova,a trade fair that will be held at the Fiera di Padova from 12 to 15 November. We will exhibit in Hall 8 in stand n°80 works by Baechler, Costalonga, Del Pezzo, Griffa, Guarneri, Kazumasa, Masi, Nicolotti, Pomodoro, Raciti, Simeti and others.

We are waiting for you!!!!

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29 Oct 2021

Pablo Atchugarry exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan

A solo show by Pablo Atchugarry was inaugurated on Tuesday 26 October at the Palazzo Reale in Milan in the Sala delle Cariatidi. The exhibition is not an anthology of Atchugarry but an exhibition of the works that characterize the artist. Interesting an introduction of the tools of the trade with a sculpture made from a trunk of an olive tree on which Atchugarry limits himself to peeling the tree as it is a sculpture in itself. In his very particular art, Atchugarry limits himself to removing the superfluous of marble by removing those sedim...

7 Oct 2021

Parma Fair, some pictures

We remind you that tomorrow Friday 8 resumes the Parma Fair. Contrary to what was previously indicated, the pavilion is number 7 and not 6 while the stand is always number 60. As you can see from the photos we will present numerous artists and among them we remember Lodola, Masi, Griffa, Del Pezzo, Raciti, Guarneri and others.  The fair will close on Sunday 10th. We are waiting for you

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5 Oct 2021

The "cancelatura" (erasing) according to Isgrò

In today's Corriere della Sera 4 October 2021 Emilio Isgrò performs a cultured historical analysis of the"cancellatura" starting from the dawn of the Italian language with Dante to the present day of the use of "social". Interesting reading with forbite quotes that unfortunately do not belong to the cultural baggage of the common man.

Tags: Emilio Isgrò - cancellatura

30 Sep 2021

Arte Parma 2021

We inform our collectors that we will be present at the Parma Fair, Hall 60, Stand 60. We will exhibit works by Adami, Costalonga, Del Pezzo, Griffa, Guarneri, Kazumasa, Lodola, Masi, Nicolotti, Raciti and others.  The fair takes place in two phases: day 2 and 3 October and day 8, 9 and 10 October. We are waiting for you.

Tags: Adami - Costalonga - Del Pezzo - Griffa - Guarneri - Kazumasa - Lodola - Masi - Nicolotti - Raciti

25 Sep 2021

Exhibition by Paolo Masi

We have just published on our website www.galleriaincontro.it/en/paolo-masi the exhibition of Paolo Masi's cardboards. Exponent ofAnalytical Art, Masi has mainly focused his research on cardboard, the common ones for packaging, painted, scratched, pressed. Cardboard consist of several overlapping layers to give them consistency. The works on exhibition cover a very wide period, from the 70s to the 2010s with dimensions ranging from 30x30 to 100x100.

Tags: cardboard- Paolo Masi - Masi - Analytical Art

17 Sep 2021

Christo, Arc de Triomphe wrapping, Paris: here we are

Tomorrow, Saturday 18 September, the packaging of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris will be inaugurated. Project that Christo and Jeanne-Claude caressed since the end of the 50s and that materializes in these days due to permits denied for a long time and last the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately neither Christo nor Jeanne-Claude will see the realization as they are both deceased.

On our website www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere/christo are visible the works for sale of Christo

Christo's works are in the gallery for their direct vision

7 Sep 2021

Christo, Arc de Triomphe packed in Paris

In the Corriere Economia of 6 September 2021 an interesting article focuses on the economic implications of Christo'sworks. The article is inspired by the imminent packaging of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, a project that was one of the first that Christo conceived together with his wife Jeanne Claude just met. It was 1958 and Christo's packaging projects appeared lunar even to insiders. The project therefore did not have the necessary permits to be realized. Finally after 60 years the project goes through but neither Christo,nor Jeanne Clau...

13 Aug 2021

New works by Mario Raciti

We have recently published some works by Mario Raciti. These works belong to the cycle of the"Gesti d'ignoto",which in fact cannot be defined as a "cycle" but rather of Raciti's attempts to find the way to his definitive philosophy of painting. These are all works dated back to the late 50s, when Raciti put aside his law degree to start his career as a painter.  In the brushstrokes, some marked, others rarefied, you can guess what will then be the natural outlet of Raciti's art.

These works by Mario Raciti are also for sale and can be seen ...

2 Aug 2021

latest publications

Recently we have published two remarkable works by Christo, one Mariani and one Simeti. Christo's two works are one the project of a wall of bins that was intended to block the road in front of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the other the project of the trees cover in the Beyeler Foundation in Switzerland. The first project was not carried out due to the opposition of the city authorities; the work is remarkable because it is a project of 1968 and as complete because it includes photos, map and colored enamel drawing of the bins. T...

12 Jul 2021

Biasi for the Corriere della Sera

On the insert "La Lettura" of this Sunday's Corriere della Sera is reproduced on full page a work by Alberto Biasi of the optical-dynamic cycle. Inside the insert there is a brief history of the artist. We want to dwell on the fact that sometimes there is confusion in defining the Biaisi technique by defining it kinetics. Biasi's works have nothing kinetic as they have no moving parts, but all the research is based on the perception that the viewer has of the work. Biasi defines some cycles as optical-dynamic. In truth of dynamic, in the phy...

8 Jul 2021

Forty years of the "Orestiadi" of Gibellina

In these days the fortieth anniversary of the "Orestiadi of Gibellina" occurs. The cultural fact was the rewriting of Eschilo's "Orestea", linking the ancient drama with the everyday life of the town of Gibellina razed to the ground by the earthquake of 1968. To this task was called Emilio Isgrò who invented a trilogy in three years kneading Italian with the Sicilian dialect. Thus were born the Agamènnuni of 1982, the Cuèfuri and Villa Eumènidi in the following two years.  It was therefore the origin of the theater festival that still takes ...

4 Jul 2021

Visit to Angelo Cagnone

Visit to maestro Angelo Cagnone while working on his latest work.  This work finished will be white and bears some inscriptions. You notice a tile where Cagnone will apply an image that he has not yet chosen. In the photos you can see small-format works and another large-format one.

Works for sale by Angelo Cagnone can be seen on the site at the address www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere/angelo-cagnone

In addition, the works of Angelo Cagnone are visible in the gallery during opening hours to the public

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