12 Nov 2020

Giorgio Griffa exhibition

Giorgio Griffa's exhibition is now available on the website. This exhibition is anticipated on the web because, due to covid-19, the gallery is closed and we do not know if for December, the month scheduled for the inauguration of the exhibition in the gallery, the lockdown will be finished. The exhibition is essentially based on the paper that have as their theme that of the Arabesque. Some canvases are also available.

The exhibition can be seen at the address www.galleriaincontro.it/en/mostre/giorgio-griffa-opere


31 Oct 2020

Emilio Isgrò: unerased Victory

On the occasion of the return to Brescia of the bronze statue of Vittoria Alata, the monumental work of Emilio Isgrò called Incacellabile Vittoria has just opened at the FS stop of the Brescia metro. The statue, dated 1st century AD, was found in the nineteenth century in a cavity of the Capitolium of the city, and is a well-preserved bronze about two meters high with finishes of considerable value in the drapery and wings, finishes that have been highlighted by the cleaning and maintenance, lasting two years, operated at the Opificio delle ...

17 Oct 2020

Riccardo Guarneri - exhibition opening

In our often excursus on artists, who characterized post-war Italian painting, Riccardo Guarneri,a well-known exponent of Analytical Art, could not miss. The exhibition consists of about twenty works on Arches paper. The cards are all of the same size, 50x70 cm, of the same weight and grain. Paper is an ideal support for Riccardo Guarneri works because his painting is evanescent, sometimes algid, all played on the coloristic shades of colors that are already soft and light. Only the color must be seen without any underlying texture to distur...

6 Oct 2020

Parma Fair

The first session of the Parma Fair has closed, the second session will be from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 with the time 10-19. We'll be at Pavilion 7 booth 76. The first session saw the presence of a discreet influx of public, but few business. However, this opening after the long lockdown was important to instill courage and confidence. The public was disciplined as everyone wore the mask with acceptable distance. It is hoped that we will not have to stop again because of the misbehaviour of a few. However, as we specified in the fairs section,...

1 Oct 2020

Vanni Cuoghi for Extraliscio

Our artist Vanni Cuoghi was commissioned by Elisabetta Sgarbi to create the cover of the album of the band Extraliscio which composed the official theme of the next tour of Italy. This is another important stage of Cuoghi's artistic journey.

On our website www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere/vanni-cuoghi you can view other works for sale by Vanni Cuoghi together with his biography.

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19 Sep 2020

Pyramid 38th parallel

Pyramid 38th parallel otherwise called pyramid of light.

This sculpture is an imposing work of Staccioli 30 meters high and located on a hill in the municipality of Motta d'Affermo in Sicily adjacent to the so-called Fiumara d'Arte. The sculpture consists of hundreds of Corten steel sheets welded together in situ. This steel has the peculiarity that oxidizing takes on an opaque red color. The sculpture is placed in front of the Tyrrhenian Sea and visually encompasses a large part of the northern coast of Sicily, from Cefalù to Milazzo, with...

6 Aug 2020

Crippa and Dorazio, new works

On our website at www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere we have published two valuable works, one by Roberto Crippa and the other by Piero Dorazio. Crippa's work is a red-bottom spiral, so a typical theme for the artist who draws from his passion for flying. The spirals in fact represent that the traces of the acrobatic flights that Crippa loved. The artist had two flight accidents, the second was fatal and lost his life. At the web address mentioned above by clicking on the name you can view all the works for sale by Crippa and a shorthi...

27 Jul 2020

Mario Raciti, publication of new works

The latest acquisitions of Mario Raciti's works, which have the theme "The Flowers of the Deep" are now available on the website at www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere/mario-racitii. This cycle of works, as written on the biography of the artist, are inspired by the myth of Demeter and Persephone, for the Latins Ceres and Proserpina. Note a round, rare if not unique, work by Raciti. Also at the aforementioned address you can see other works for sale by Mario Raciti that include the cycles: Gestures of the unknown, Mythology, One or two ...

6 Jun 2020

Lucius Del Pezzo or the Pompeii of Art

An article, in Art of june, traces the artistic career of Lucio Del Pezzo, a well-known exponent of Italian Pop Art. On closer inspection, the combination with Pop Art is very forced and arises only from the desire to classify the genre of belonging of the artist anyway. Del Pezzo's artistic language is closer to Metaphysics than to Pop Art. In fact, it is peculiar to Pop Art the celebration of iconic objects of consumption, but in the case of Lucio Del Pezzo the objects he inserts into the works are not objects of common use, but are refere...

4 Jun 2020

Mario Raciti, new acquisitions

We visited our artist and friend Mario Raciti to make new purchases of works that we will soon publish on our website. The works of Raciti that we bought are from the series "The flowers of the deep" where, from a white background with spots of color not well defined but tending to reddish, brown, yellow, emerge very thin stems with at the upper end a stain of color to symbolize a flower. In accordance with his dreamlike painting, not easily interpretable, Raciti does not unveil the flower, which everyone can imagine as he wants, but rather ...

1 Jun 2020

Christo's Disappearance

Javacheff Christo disappeared yesterday at his New York home of natural causes. Born in Bulgaria in 1935 to an entrepreneur father and a mother employed at the Sofia Academy of Fine Arts, after high school he moved to Prague to continue at the local academy of fine arts. But after a year he moved to Paris where he lives by contrivances making portraits for the Parisian ladies. He is commissioned to portray Mrs Denat de Guillebon, and meets his daughter Jeanne-Claude,who has already been married. The two fall in love and Jeanne-Claude leaves ...

30 May 2020

Graphic works for sale

As every summer we offer the sale of discounted graphics. These are generally works by well-known authors, but of which it has not usually been possible to trace back to the year of publication. All works are framed and the price refers to gallery delivery. Below we give the list of works, clicking on the photos with the right mouse button you can trace back to the author.

Giancarlo Limoni: screen printing cm 73x70 - edition 100/100 - 2001 - price : 180.00 €

Walter Valentini: screenprint on handmade paper cm 52x35 - edition 29/100 - price ...

25 May 2020

Riccardo Guarneri, choice of works

We visited Riccardo Guarneri to choose the missing works at the completion of the exhibition that we will open in October. As announced, it is an exhibition of works on paper made with mixed technique, watercolor and crayons. The themes are the usual by Guarneri, that is, areas of color, delimited by lines, that merge into each other with preference to pastel colors. Soon we will publish all the exhibition that you can visit on our website at www.galleriaincontro.it/en/mostre/riccardo-guarneri. To see the works on canvas and the biography cl...

10 May 2020

The response to the virus

The month of May of the magazine Arte Mondadori takes its cue from the pandemic caused by the coronavirus to ask for reflections on the merits of some artists including Emilio Isgrò. In fact, Isgrò takes the cue to make a quick and ducted rundown on 20th-century art by talking not only about "visual" artists but also about those who write or recite, such as Bertolt Brecht and Carmelo Bene. He speaks of those artists who have given an important breakthrough to art capable of bringing everyday objects such as Duchamp's "urinal" or the "bicycle...

1 May 2020

Germano Celant

The well-known curator and art critic Germano Celant died yesterday at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. In 1967 he noticed a group of young Italian artists exhibiting at the La Bertesca gallery in Genoa. He understood the communicative power of their language and wrote the manifesto headlined it: Poor Art. Notes for a guerrilla. The Arte Povera was born, an artistic current that soon gained worldwide notoriety. For Celant he was the national and international springboard for his work as a critic and curator of important exhibitions. These...

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