12 Feb 2023

Bologna art fair 2023

The Bologna Fair 2023 ended with a bang. With a bang for the number of visitors, over 50,000, and for the turnover. As far as our gallery is concerned, the most popular and best-selling artists were: Boetti, Zorio, Salvo, Melotti, Gilardi. The exponents of Arte Povera aroused much attention, which was the theme proposed by our gallery: Kounellis, Calzolari, Paolini. We also separately presented the young artist Petricca with a series of material works, with enveloping shapes and colors, which attracted the attention of visitors to the fair. ...

19 Jan 2023

Paolo Radi at the Biennale 2022 of Changwon

Paolo Radi, Roman visual artist, has been invited to participate in the 2022 Changwon Biennial in South Korea. The theme treated by Radi is the artistic interpretation of the concept of "entanglement" of quantum mechanics. It is worth emphasizing that classical mechanical, that Newtonian,  concerns the macro dimensions of matter, while quantum mechanical concerns the micro dimensions of matter. While with classical mechanical it is possible to describe phenomena with the sole aid of equations, in quantum mechanical this is not sufficient as ...

17 Jan 2023

Bergamo fair 2022 some images

The 2023 edition of the Bergamo Fair has ended happily. This year there was an increase in the number of visitors who came from all over Lombardy. We presented for the first time the young artist Flavio Tiberio Petricca whose fresh and engaging work has rediscovered the favor of a large part of the public with the sale of the two available works. But the interest was general, from Baj to Salvo, Biasi, Kazumasa, Guarneri, Raciti, Zorio among the most popular. We thank the collectors who bought, those interested in our work and those who visit...

13 Jan 2023

Cuoghi at Palazzo Cominelli

This interesting exhibition at Palazzo Cominelli, in San Felice del Benaco (BS), sees the participation of a large group of artists among which the presence of Vanni Cuoghi is relevant, a figurative artist but with an ever new, never banal figuration that draws inspiration from his knowledge of art history immersed in modernity. The title of the exhibition is "Of demons, monsters, nymphs and other stories" linked to a more or less distant past of Lake Benaco or Garda as it is commonly called today. Cuoghi takes its cue from phantom, and afte...

11 Jan 2023

Bergamo Fair 2023

e inform collectors that we will be present at Arte Bergamo, an art fair to be held in the pavilions of the Bergamo Fair on 13-14-15 January 2023. Our stand is number 68 in pavilion B. We will exhibit works by Baj , Christo, Bueno, Costalonga, Del Pezzo, Kazumasa, Lindström, Lodola, Massironi, Petricca, Raciti, Salvo, Zorio, Veneziano and others. We hope many of you will come.

Tags: Art Bergamo - Baj - Christo - Bueno - Costalonga - Del Pezzo - Kazumasa - Lindström - Lodola - Massironi - Petricca - Raciti - Salvo - Veneziano

10 Jan 2023

January new works

We have just published on our site some works by Gilberto Zorio and Piero Gilardi on ours. All the works belong to the exhibition "Scenari dell'Arte Povera" still underway in the gallery.

Tags: Gilberto Zorio - Piero Gilardi - Arte Povera

26 Dec 2022

December new works

We inform you that we have published new works by Lodola and Baj as well as two works by Flavio Tiberio Petricca who is a newcomer to the gallery

Tags: Lodola - Baj - Flavio Tiberio Petricca

4 Dec 2022

Isgrò erases brixia

on 8 January 2023 the exhibition of Emilio Isgrò held in Brescia in the Archaeological Park and in the museum of Santa Giulia will close. This exhibition aims to celebrate the nomination of Brescia and Bergamo as Italian Capitals  of Culture 2023. In reality, more than an exhibition, these are five events that unfold in five distinct places. The actual exhibition takes place in the Museum of Santa Giulia, the installation called "The harmonium of crazy larks" is placed in the Renaissance cloister adjacent to the museum, the "Bees of Virgil" ...

28 Nov 2022

Arte in Nuvola 2022

The second edition of Arte in Nuvola, which was held in Rome at the La Nuvola conference center by Massimiliano Fuksas, ended happily. Also this edition was characterized by the considerable influx of public and the good interest of collectors for the works on display. In particular, in our stand the artists who aroused the most interest were Christo, Salvo, Rotella, Griffa and Merz. Good organization even if some functions need to be perfected such as loading and unloading of the works. The growth prospects of the event are definitely good....

25 Oct 2022

About the latest fairs

The first block of art fairs, Parma and Verona, is over. We found that there was not a large turnout at both fairs. This was probably due to several concomitant factors: energy crisis, explosion in the cost of gas and electricity, companies in crisis,  too mild weather that encouraged a jump to the sea rather than locking oneself in a shed. However, we  have had a good sales success with a strong interest in Isgrò, Zorio, Boetti, Christo, Raciti, Costalonga and Nicolotti mainly.

Tags: Parma - Verona - Isgrò - Zorio - Christo - Boetti - Raci...

21 Sep 2022

About "Sciogliersi come neve al sole"

Here is an interesting reflection by Alighiero Boetti on the conception of the titles of his tapestries. As far as conceptual and informal art is concerned, this is a general discourse as the title often depends on environmental and personal conditions. That is, the weather and the state of mind in relation to a news or an event, a pleasant or unpleasant encounter, etc. Boetti gives as an example the phrase "Sciogliersi come neve al sole" . He claims that surely there was a woman involved. That is, you melt for the warmth of love, for an ero...

19 Sep 2022

Giulio Paolini imperial prize

Giulio Paolini was awarded the "Paemium Imperiale" for painting. This award is the analogue of the Nobel Prize in Fine Arts and was established by the Japan Art Association in 1989 in memory of His Royal Highness Prince Takamatsu. Over time other artists awarded the prize were Enrico Castellani, Javacheff Christo, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Umberto Mastroianni.

Tags: Giulio Paolini - Enrico Castellani - Javacheff Christo - Arnaldo Pomodoro - Umberto Mastroianni 

14 Sep 2022

Raciti at Palazzo Sarcinelli in Conegliano

Mario Raciti, Anni 2000 is an exhibition dedicated to Mario Raciti in Palazzo Sarcinelli in Conegliano. The exhibition, curated by Oltreaarte with a critical text by Alberto Barranco di Valdivieso, was inaugurated on September 3rd and will continue until October 2nd.  Works from 2000 to the present day are on display.

Tags: Mario Raciti

18 Aug 2022

Latest works

We have just published three works, a lithograph by Christo, which concerns a study for packing an Ericson phone, and two Del Pezzo. These last two works are of considerable interest as they are a study of 1968, which we can define as a forerunner work of the "casellari", and a sculpture of 1974 that anticipates the future "shelves". These two works are in varnished wood.

Tags: Christo - Del Pezzo - casellario - shelf

13 Jul 2022

Christo, Lodola, Isgrò

In this last period we have published four works, one by Christo, two by Lodola and one by Isgrò. Christo's is a lithograph of a view of New York with a skyscraper wrapped in the foreground. This lithograph is enriched by hand-held interventions by Christo. Lodola's  two works are acrylics on canvas that take up the themes dear to Lodola, young people and the Vespa. Finally, the work of Isgrò belongs to the series of Pater Noster which are remarkable works for their size and their meaning.

Tags: Christo - Lodola - Isgrò - Pater Noster - New...

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