30 Jun 2022

Boetti and Isgrò

On the occasion of the recent visit to the Basel Fair , two things are evident: the market and public success of the works by Alighiero Boetti and Emilio Isgrò. Boetti was exhibited in various galleries both Italian and foreign with prices that seem unstoppable and ranging from 90,000 euros for a tapestry of 22x22 cm up to 7,000,000 (seven million) euros for a tapestry of 200x200 cm. Isgrò was present in a single gallery that in addition to the individual works presented an installation consisting of 40 small erasd books. This installation w...

15 Jun 2022

Isgrò erases the Malavoglia

As part of the Taobuk, Taormina Book Festival, Emilio Isgrò, as guest of honor, presents the work "Le farfalle dei Malavoglia"  which is a erasure of the famous novel by Giovanni Verga whose centenary of death is celebrated. The occasion is greedy for an erudite escursus of Isgrò of the Greek tragedy, Aeschylus and Sophocles in evidence, ending with the dramas of Luigi Pirandello. Aeschylus, Verga, Pirandello, an all-Sicilian thread that binds these writers who represent the dramas of their eras but who are actualized in a repetition of hist...

8 Jun 2022

Cuoghi on Corriere della Sera

In the Corriere della Sera of Monday 7 June, about the presentation of the new edition of the "Milanesiana", Elisabetta Sgarbi is depicted with a work by Vanni Cuoghi, an artist she highly esteemed. Unfortunately the caption of the image mistakenly refers to Roberto Cuoghi who has a very different theme from that of Vanni Cuoghi. We would like to underline this mistake both because  Vanni Cuoghi is one of our artists and for the sake of truth.

Tags: Elisabetta Sgarbi - Vanni Cuoghi - Milanesiana

27 Apr 2022

Fiera di Pavia

Sabato e domenica prossimi, giorni 30 aprile e 1 maggio , parteciperemo alla Fiera di Pavia che si terrà nei locali del Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Saremo presenti allo stand numero 56 con opere di Aubertin, Christo, Costalonga, Del Pezzo, Kazumasa, Nicolotti, Raciti, Radi ed alrtri. La fiera verrà inaugurata venerdì 29 alle 18 su invito. Orari di apertura dalle 10,30 alle 19,30.

Tags: Fiera di Pavia - Auibertin - Christo - Costalonga - Del Pezzo - Kazumasa - Nicolo5tti - Raciti - Radi

21 Apr 2022

Kazumasa, blue man

Visit to Kazumasa Mizokami for the retreat of one of his works from the series "The Blue Men". Kazumasa creates this type of work in a sitting position with a sphere in his hand. The sphere is made by terracotta while the figure can be by terracotta or bronze. The figure is rigorously painted blue while the sphere is white.  The appearances of the figure are barely hinted at that it represents a man without time and without history so that everyone can interpret a "his man" and a "his story". The sphere represents the world, otherwise humani...

14 Apr 2022

Christo Exhibition

The exhibition "Homage to Christo" still in progress in the gallery continues with great success with public and sales. The exhibition, inaugurated on April 2 and presented by the young critic Cosimo Bruno, is divided into 8 unique works and as many serigraphs almost all with fabric on the works. The exhibition is made in collaboration with the "Estate Christo V. Javacheff" which is based in New York and which is the only one authorized to issue certifications and which oversees exhibitions and publications concerning Christo's work in the w...

5 Apr 2022


Our gallery, under the name of Caputo-Colossi Incontro d'Arte, participates in the first edition of "Un(Fair)", a market  exhibition to be held in Milan at Superstudio Maxi with inauguration on Thursday 7 April from 5 pm to 10 pm by invitation. Friday 8 and Saturday 9 opening to the public from 11 to 21, Sunday 10 from 11 to 20. The ticket can also be bought online, for parking is suggested that of ATM Famagosta in via Palatucci     

26 Mar 2022

Bergamo Art Fair

Today Saturday 26 March and tomorrow Sunday 27 March we will be present at the Bergamo fair at stand No. 68 with works by Adami, Christo, Costalonga, Nicolotti, Kazumasa, Pomodoro, Raciti and others. 

Tags: Adami - Christo - Costalonga - Nicolotti - Kazumasa - Raciti - Tomato 

10 Mar 2022

Parma Fair spring edition

We inform our collectors and visitors that we will be present at Arte Parma, west entrance stand 94-95. We will exhibit works by Adami, Christo, Crippa, Costalonga, Griffa, Guarneri, Masi, Nicolotti, Raciti, Tozzi and others. The event will take place on the days of 12-13 and 18-19 and 20 of this month. We are waiting for you

Tags: Adami - Christo - Crippa - Costalonga - Griffa - Guarneri - Masi - Nicolotti - Raciti - Tozzi

27 Feb 2022

Visit of Lorenza Giovannelli in the gallery

On the occasion of the preparation of the exhibition of Christo Javacheff we received the welcome visit to the gallery of  Lorenza Giovannelli. This young lady oversees the organization of Christo's exhibitions, the publication of catalogs, contacts with the press, the clarifications that collectors can ask, in short, all the artistic and cultural part concerning Christo. So it is a demanding job as it is necessary to know the life and works by Christo and Jeanne-Claude and also face frequent trips around the world on the occasion of exhibit...

24 Jan 2022

Giorgio Griffa at the Centre Pompidou

From 2 March to 6 June at the Centre Pompidou in Paris will be staged an anthological exhibition by Giorgio Griffa with works from 1969 to 2021. Griffa's painting is made of lines, points and signs that are not delimited by a pre-established design but arise from the free flow of the brush on the canvas. Griffa, that is, does not abandon painting but performs a sort of destructuring of the same. This way of painting by Giorgio Griffa dates back to the mid-60s and unlike the "poor", peers, friends or acquaintances, favors painting, that is, d...

15 Jan 2022

new works by Rotella and Boetti

We have just published a work by Alighiero Boetti and one by Mimmo Rotella.  Boetti's is a tapestry while Rotella's is a décollage. The publication of the two works is not accompanied by photos as the two artists are subject to the copyright of the SIAE. We do not intend to submit to the wishes of the heirs as we already pay the copyright, the so-called "resale right", every time we buy and sell a work. We also think that being present on the sites of the galleries is only good for the artist's quotation.

Tags: Alighiero Boetti - Mimmo Rote...

7 Jan 2022

important communication

To the visitors of the site. We realized that recently the form of the request for information of the works was not forwarded on the e-mail of the gallery, so we were not in a position to respond. Now the problem is solved; we apologize for the inconvenience . Kind regards and best wishes for the New Year.

4 Jan 2022

latest acquisitions 2021

We present the latest acquisitions at the end of 2021. These are the chromokinetic objects of Franco Costalonga,a work of considerable size by Turi Simeti and two graceful editions of Christo.

Tags: Franco Costalonga - Turi Simeti - Christo

23 Dec 2021

Best wishes 2021

The gallery wishes its customers and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. On this occasion we point out our recent acquisitions: Emilio Isgrò, Turi Simeti, Franco Costalonga.

tags: Emilio Isgrò - Turi Simeti - Franco Costalonga

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