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Christo Exhibition

Date : 14 Apr 2022

The exhibition "Homage to Christo" still in progress in the gallery continues with great success with public and sales. The exhibition, inaugurated on April 2 and presented by the young critic Cosimo Bruno, is divided into 8 unique works and as many serigraphs almost all with fabric on the works. The exhibition is made in collaboration with the "Estate Christo V. Javacheff" which is based in New York and which is the only one authorized to issue certifications and which oversees exhibitions and publications concerning Christo's work in the world. We rebember that Christo starts as a figurative artist to move on to the packaging of common objects, from the telephone to the wheelbarrows, then continuing with the packaging of monuments or portions of the landscape. During his first artistic phase he joined the movement of Pierre Restany's Nouveau Réalisme,  later he continued on a path of his own with the realization of his performances en plein air appropriating, for a very limited time of up to two weeks, historical monuments or landscapes and for this reason when we talk about Christo we talk about "Land Art ". Finally, we remind you that all Christo's installations were financed with the sale of his works, both the unique ones and the multiple ones. 

The exhibition is visible on our website at

Tags: Christo - Nouveau Réalisme - Land Art - Pierre Restany 


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