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Giorgio Griffa at the Centre Pompidou

Date : 24 Jan 2022

From 2 March to 6 June at the Centre Pompidou in Paris will be staged an anthological exhibition by Giorgio Griffa with works from 1969 to 2021. Griffa's painting is made of lines, points and signs that are not delimited by a pre-established design but arise from the free flow of the brush on the canvas. Griffa, that is, does not abandon painting but performs a sort of destructuring of the same. This way of painting by Giorgio Griffa dates back to the mid-60s and unlike the "poor", peers, friends or acquaintances, favors painting, that is, doing with colors and the brush.  He belongs to the ranks of artists of thickness who live of momentary notoriety and then sink or that live in the shadows for long periods and then be discovered by the market and critics. Griffa belongs to this last category as the movement it massels, that of Analytical Painting, has a long period of sleep from the late 70s to the mid-2000s. We have said that Griffa's work consists of lines, more or less marked, of points and signs, the arabesque, which are like the notes on a pentagram that taken individually do not say anything but as a whole constitute the harmony of the work.

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