12 Oct 2023

Fiera di Verona 2023

Saremo presenti ad ArtVerona nel padiglione 11 stand A1 con opere di Crippa, Biasi, Adami, Griffa, Guarneri, Baj, Raciti, Nicolotti, Petricca, Kazumasa, Mattioli,Ontani,  Zappettini, Zorio. I giorni della manifestazione saranno da venerdì 13 a domenica 15 con orario 11-19. Vi aspettiamo.

Tags: ArtVerona - Crippa - Biasi - Adami - Griffa - Guarneri - Baj - Raciti - Nicolotti - Petricca - Kazumasa - Mattioli - Zappettini - Zorio - Ontani

28 Sep 2023

fiera di parma edizione autunnale

Saremo presenti alla Fiera di Parma edizione autunnale 2023 al padiglione 7 e stand numero 110. Presentermo dei multipli di Christo, un importante lavoro di Isgrò, degli acquarelli di Ontani, un Dorazio degli anni '60, dei Griffa ed altro ancora. La fiera si svolgerà in due sedute: nei giorni 30-31 settembre e 6-7-8 di ottobre

Tags: Fiera di Parma - Christo - Isgrò - Ontani - Dorazio - Griffa 

28 Sep 2023

Alcuni testi sulla mostra di Kazumasa al museo Diocesano di Massa

Si riportano due articoli di giornale a proposito della mostra di Kazumasa presso il Museo Diocesano di Massa. Un articolo è stato pubbluicato sul Quotidiano Nazionale e l'altro sul giornale Finestre sull'arte. Massa, 15 settembre 2023 - Al Museo Diocesano di Massa prosegue la mostra “Dove nascono le stelle” dell’artista giapponese di fama internazionale Kazumasa Mizokami (1958, Arita), che sta riscuotendo interesse e successo di pubblico. Sabato 16 settembre dalle ore 16 alle 19 sarà di nuovo presente l’artista disponibile ad incontrare i v...

18 Sep 2023

Inauguration of Vanna Nicolotti's personal room at the MIM

Vanna Nicolotti's personal room was inaugurated on Sunday 10 September at the MIM (Museum in motion) of the Castle of San Pietro in Cerro in the province of Piacenza. This is a castle with a mediaeval tower and Renaissance body whose owner has used it as a museum with the possibility of organizing temporary exhibitions. The Castle has a very respectable collection and in this collection a collection of significant works by Vanna Nicolotti has been included. The museum can be visited during the times available on its website. A special thanks...

14 Sep 2023

New works by Ontani

We inform collectors and web surfers that on our website www.galleriacontro.it we have published some works by Luigi Ontani: ceramics, watercolours, plates and a mask. Good vision.

Tags: Luigi Ontani

1 Aug 2023

Flavio Tiberio Petricca a "Supervisione"

"Supervisione" è il titolo della collettiva tenuta nel Palazzo Costantino e Palazzo Di Napoli ai Quattro Canti di Palermo. La manifestazione si è svolta, come ogni anno dal 2000, dal 13 al 15 luglio scorso in occasione del Festino di Santa Rosalia. Sono stati coinvolti 42 artisti tra i quali il nostro Flavio Tiberio Petricca. Antico è il rituale della processione della Santa, antiche e sfarzose sono le sale dei palazzi, affrescati nel '700 in stile barocco, ma ormai decadenti e molto rovinate da una atavica incuria. La mostra intende valoriz...

20 Jul 2023

Kazumasa at Museo Diocesano of Massa

With the title "Where the stars are born", Kazumasa exhibits at the Diocesan Museum of Massa in a path where his works are combined with Renaissance works and the sacred vestments of the Catholic liturgy. At first sight such a collocation is unthinkable, in practice this juxtaposition between the ancient and the modern is not at all unbecoming or strident, on the contrary the union between the sacred and the profane enhances the sacredness of the work of art and establishes a continuity between the present and the past. It testifies to the c...

20 Jun 2023

Basel Fair

Basel Fair. Like every year, we visited this fair and the thing that immediately caught our eyes was that there wasn't the general public of other years and, on the other hand, some gallery owners weren't satisfied with the sales. The impression is that there were no American buyers while there weren't even a shadow of Chinese buyers and so did the Russians for obvious reasons. However it is a fair where it seems that there is the artist of the year. This year the pre-eminent artist was Basquiat who was not seen at all in other years. Works ...

23 May 2023

April shopping

On our website www.galleriaincontro.it we have recently published two works by Carlo Mattioli and two by Piero Dorazio. Both works are old-fashioned. 

Tags: Carlo Mattioloi - Piero Dorazio
28 Apr 2023

Latest acquisitions

On our site we have recently published the latest acquisitions. These are Ontani, Isgrò, Morellet and Lodola. In particular by Morellet we have published a "Griage" from 1974, by Ontani some slippers in ceramics and a polyptych on canvas, a rare work for the technique used. 

Tags: Ontani - Morellet - Isgrò - Lodola
31 Mar 2023

Fiera di Pavia 2023

Saremo presenti alla Fiera di Pavia allo stand numero 56-75 con i seguenti artisti: Adami, Aubertin, Baj, Chia, Christo,Costalonga,  Crippa,  Dorazio, Guarneri, Kazumasa, Lindtröm, Montesano, Nicolotti, Raciti, Radi, Zappettini. La manifestazione si svolgerà nei giorni di sabato 1 aprile e domenica 2 aprile dalle 10 alle 19

Tags: Fiera di Pavia - Adami - Aubertin - Baj - Chia - Christo - Costalonga - Crippa - Dorazio - Guarneri - Kazumasa - Lindström - Montesano - Nicolotti - Raciti - Radi - Zappettini 

15 Mar 2023

Kazumasa's exhibition

Until March 20 Kazumasa Mizokami exhibits his works in Japan, his homeland. In this exhibition Kazumasa exhibits on three walls of the gallery a set of his typical works: the blue man, the calendars, some free-standing sculptures, a set of small rounded sculptures among the blue men, challenging works measuring 40 or 60 centimeters per side. Centrally in the room stands a round composition depicting creation. The constituent elements of the works are flowers, of various shapes and sizes, which are made of terracotta and painted after firing ...

9 Mar 2023

Arte Parm Spring edition

The first part of the spring session of the Parma Fair has ended. The event will conclude with next weekend. In this first part we have registered little public and little enthusiasm from collectors. We also presented important and uncommon works, such as a griage by Morellet, a Christo from the 70s, a Massironi from the 60s, a Mattioli from the 70s, as well as the Kounellis, Salvo, Nicolotti, Petricca, etc. . We therefore hope that next weekend there will be a larger audience that will be more attentive to our proposals.

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8 Mar 2023

Raciti at Galleria San Fedele

This exhibition by Mario Raciti at the Galleria San Fedele, via Hoepli 3 Milan, embraces the complete cycle of works, from those of the early 1960s to the latest. All of Raciti's pictorial cycles are represented here, "One or two figures", "Presence - absence", "Mythologies", "Mystery", "The flowers of the deep", "Sources". The leitmotif of Raciti's works is the lightness and rarefaction of the colors on the canvas. A set of soft brushstrokes that explode into spots, a subtle, erratic, wandering sign that we find here and there on the canvas...

20 Feb 2023

new works of the month of February

We inform collectors and web surfers that we have just published new works by Christo, Petricca and Massironi. Good vision. 

Tags: Christo - Petricca - Massironi
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