28 Apr 2020

Del Pezzo on Espoarte

In the online magazine Espoarte we point out an interesting article about Lucio Del Pezzo written by journalist Pietro Bazoli. In the article the journalist walks the highlights of Del Pezzo's human and artistic journey, his relationship with Enrico Baj, Lucio Fontana and others and his particular stliistic figure that make him a unicum in the Italian art scene. Read to get an idea of Del Pezzo. Here is the link to access the site page: https://www.espoarte.net/arte/un-saluto-a-lucio-del-pezzo-artista-del-surreale/

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20 Apr 2020

Emilio Ingrò

On "La lettura", a cultural insert of Corriere della Sera, on Sunday Emilio Isgrò makes a reflection on Germany in these moments of Coronavirus. He drew on his literary and human knowledge to talk about the great German tradition of all the arts, from visual to musical arts and how, after two disastrous wars, provoked and lost, Germany rose up by the culture and thanks to long-thinking politicians. Emilio Isgrò reminds us that German as a language of study was imposed on him by choice of the boss of the middle school he attended, that the in...

17 Apr 2020

Emilio Isgrò, general catalogue

We inform those interested that the catalogue of works by Emilio Isgrò is being prepared and will be curated by Germano Celant. Anyone interested in publishing the works in their possession should contact the archive at archivio@emilioisgrò.info for information on how to enter. The entry into the catalog is free. We take this opportunity to remember our 20-year working relationship with Isgrò with the realization of two exhibitions. On our website www.galleriaincontro.it you will find the works for sale and a biography of Emilio Isgrò


13 Apr 2020

Lucio del Pezzo, death

Yesterday 12 April 2020 Lucio del Pezzo is died. This closes the earthly adventure of one of the most significant artists of the post-war period of Italy and beyond. Author of his very personal research, lover of architecture and archaeology whose influence we find in his works, the salient features of del Pezzo are the use of the wood as a support, the frequent use of gold funds and small wooden sculptures, significant objects of his cultural passions and his professional experiences. These objects del Pezzo distributes them variously on hi...

6 Apr 2020

Turi Simeti

Turi Simeti,about the works for sale. These days on the Artnetauction portal is being auctioned online by important international artists such as Marc Quinn, Basquiat, etc. and among them there is also Turi Simeti with a 2012 work, of 40x40 cm entitled "Three blue ovals".  The work is estimated to be worth 12-18000 dollars. As we also saw at last year Basel trade show, the prices on the international market are good for the opposite of what happens on the domestic market. One may wonder where the reason for this discrepancy lies. The reason ...

28 Mar 2020

Riccardo Guarneri exhibition

It is now visible on our website www.galleriaincontro.it/en/mostre/riccardo-guarneri the exhibition of the artist Riccardo Guarneri prominent exponent of Analytical Art. The exhibition consists of 12 works all performed on paper of the same size and weight. It was not possible to exhibit multiple works for problems related to the coronavirus pandemic. Since it is not clear when the restrictions on people's movements will be lifted, we have decided to set up the exhibition with the material available and download it on the site. The exhibitio...

18 Mar 2020

Closing for coronavirus

Our gallery is also currently closed as a result of government regulations made to combat the spread of coronavirus. . In an effort to combat this infection, the art fairs, which were to be held in Italy between now and May, have also been postponed or cancelled altogether. It is not better abroad because for the same reason it begin to cancel or postpone the art fairs, until the sensational case of the TEFAF fair in Maastricht that was cancelled while it was in progress. It is no better for auctions, all temporarily cancelled and postponed ...

11 Mar 2020

Marco Lodola: new works for sale

We publish the latest acquired works by Marco Lodola. They are enamel on canvas of small size, maximum 50x50, which relate to the typical subjects of Marco Lodola. They are very low cost works suitable for a young audience. They are lively, sparkling works in which Marco Lodola transfers the themes typical of his luminose, the Vespa, the Beatles, girl with moon, Spider Man. These and other works can be viewed on our website at https://www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere by clicking on Marco Lodola. On the same page you will also find b...

6 Mar 2020

Javacheff Christo - packing the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Javacheff Christo, exponent before the Nouveau Réalisme and later of Land Art, returns to Paris, his first artistic destination, for an important and complete retrospective at the Pompidou Centre from March 18th to June 15th. Javacheff Christo will then pack the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysées. This is a 1962 project that is now finally coming to fruition. Like all Javacheff Christo installations, this one is self-funded with the sale of sketches, preparatory studies and multiples. This packing will be on sixteen days, from September 1...

5 Mar 2020

Riccardo Guarneri, exhibition in London

The exhibition by Riccardo Guarneri and the Chinese artist Qingzhen Han is underway in London, at the Rosenfeld Gallery until 21 March. Both artists are characterized by evanescent painting although the sign of Qingzhen Han is more marked. In addition, while Riccardo Guarneri delimits and closes his works within straight lines, the artist Qingzhen uses curved lines drawn haphazardly without the rigor and rationality of Riccardo Guarneri. 

3 Mar 2020

Emilio Isgrò: new works

on our website at https://www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere we have published new works by Emilio Isgrò. These are three multiple square-shaped world maps, a book-shaped multiple, and a one-piece form. Good vision

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27 Feb 2020

Mario Raciti: new works

On the website at https://www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere we have published four new works by Mario Raciti. These are the works that Mario Raciti named Gesti d'Ignoto and performed in the late 1950s. The title, Gesti d'Ignoto, is significant in the fact that Mario Raciti has not yet definitively taken the path of painting and therefore has in front of him a road full of unknowns, an unclear road. All these works by Mario Raciti are characterized by rather sharp spots and brushstrokes and lack that soft, diffuse, gently degrading col...

25 Feb 2020

Parma Fair: postponement

To all our visitors. We inform you that, due to the flu epidemic called coronavirus, the Parma Spring Fair has been moved to the following dates: 6-7 and 12-13-14 next June. We had planned to perform, among others, the following artists: Angelo Cagnone, Franco Costalonga, Lucio del Pezzo, Kazumasa Mizokami, Marco Lodola, Vanna Nicolotti, Mario Raciti, Pao, Mario Tozzi. You can still view the works of these artists on our website at https://www.galleriaincontro.it/en/artisti-opere

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23 Feb 2020

Angelo Cagnone - publishing works

On our "artists and works" page at https://www.galleriainconrtro.it/en/artisti-opere/angelo-cagnone you can view some works by Angelo Cagnone available for sale. Have a good look.

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18 Feb 2020

Genoa Fair - closing

The Genoa Fair 2020 has closed with a significant influx of people. Visitors to our stand enjoyed the set-up and the works on display with special attention to Alberto Biasi, Max Farina, Franco Costalonga, Angelo Cagnone, Lucio del Pezzo, Mario Raciti, Pao and Vanna Nicolotti. To all a goodbye to the 2021 edition.

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