Paolo Masi
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Paolo Masi was born in 1933 in Florence, where he works and lives. After the first informal experiences of the 1950s, in the 1960s he began to work "transforming" materials. This experimentation leads him to the aesthetic research group Centro F/Uno (with Baldi, Lecci and Maurizio Nannucci). In the 1970s Masi approached Analytical Painting working on the rhythmicness of decomposition. He lives for a little time in New York and turns his attention to the simplest urban elements (manholes, walls, floors) that he reproduces both with polaroids and with the technique of frottage. In 1974 his "analytical attention" shifted to"Weaving" (sewn canvases) and above all to packaging cartons, which he deals with various pictorial and non-pictorial techniques, to elaborate in an absolutely personal way the structure of that poor material. At the same time he founded " Zona " together with Maurizio Nannucci, a collective space no propfit for art. From 2000 this experience will be transformed, also in Florence, into the management of a new collective space called "Base".

Among his many exhibitions there are the participations in the Venice Biennale of 1978, the Quadriennale in Rome in 1986, and those in various prestigious museums such as that of Vienna, Frankfurt, Belgrade, Rivoli, Paris, Florence, Milan and many others. His works have long belonged to important Collections of Museums and Foundations

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