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Getulio Alviani was born in Udine on September 5, 1939. In childhood he is attracted by the movement of the waves of the sea for which he performs works, oil and enamel, which are essential in forms, which are abstract or geometric. At the age of fifteen he entered a studio of architects and engineers where he felt attracted by the reflection of light on objects.
Getulio Alviani later showed an interest in the principles of "Bauhaus" and "abstract-concrete" art, focusing his attention on the phenomena of vision. Since the end of the 1950s, Getulio Alviani began researching the dynamics of perception, also collaborating with the industrial world. In a project aimed at expanding the visual intelligence of man and making the observer active in the reception of the work, Getulio Alviani begins to realize autonomously works mostly on aluminum sheets that are treated in various ways, satin or milled and then glued on a wooden stand. The sheets, worked with different methods, are assembled by Getulio Alviani so that they reflect the incident light depending on the angle of incidence, but the reflection of the light varies depending on the position of the spectator. These are therefore works that in addition to be "opticals" are also "dynamics". But the visual result also depends on the sensitivity of the eye that at that moment looks at the work, being able a surface to appear now convecrate now convex, and therefore we also speak of "perception" of the eye. Of course, to achieve the desired effect, we need to study first the type of milling and the arrangement of the sheet on the support and then in this sense we talk about "Programmed Art". There are three types of Alviani's works. One is the one where the artist inserts aluminum elements into the laminated wood; these works are those least sought after by collectors. The other is the one made up of only aluminum with optical effects and the last one is always made up of only aluminum but with optical-dynamic effects. As for the works made up of only aluminum, they are divided according to the type of processing. In fact, some are worked with a 15-20 mm diameter end mill, these works generally have only an optical effect. Others are working with milling boring bar, they are those that give an optical-dynamic effect.

Between December 2018 and January 2019 the Art Gallery l'Incontro organized an exhibition with works from the period 1964 - 1999

Getulio Alviani has a continuous and significant international exhibition activity: since the 1960s he has been present, among other things, at the Venice Biennale (1964), at the "Nouvelle Tendance" exhibition in Paris (1964), at The Responsive Eye exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1965) and on several occasions at the Ljubljani Anbienni of Graphics receiving the international award (1973 and 1977). His works can be found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, the Kunstmuseum in Basel, etc.


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