Franco Grignani

Franco Grignani was born in Porto di Pieve Morone on February 4, 1908. In Pavia he obtained his high school diploma and enrolled in the mathematics faculty of the local university and then moved on to that of Turin where he graduated in architecture after abandoning the degree course in mathematics. From a young age he was interested in art, advertising graphics and photography, inserting himself into the environment of the "Second Futurism" and subsequently evolving towards Geometric Abstractionism and Constructivism. His professional interests are two, the advertising and the artistic where he is passionate about the study of perceptual processes. In painting he immediately pointed out the traditional one in favor of themes consistent with the development of technology, themes taken up by specialized magazines in the graphic sector and published in the books of Italian, English and American art schools. Undoubtedly the field where it is most successful is the graphic one with advertising orders from Italy and abroad until the iconic brand of "Pure virgin wool" made in 1964 and used by wool producers all over the world. In this period he received numerous national and international awards and recognitions. Intense his exhibition activity that culminates in the participation in the Venice Biennale of 1972. Starting from the seventies he abandoned graphics and devoted himself exclusively to art with painting shapes now sinuous now geometric that develop on the level of drawing with twists, overlaps, specularity starting from a form mother of the entire creative process. Since 1980 he has dedicated himself to teaching at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, not neglecting his experiments and his painting. Grignani is present in numerous Italian and foreign museums including the MOMA in New York, the Stedelijk Museum in Warsaw, the Vistoria Albert Museum in London. He died in Milan on February 20, 1989.


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