Flavio Petricca

Favio Tiberio Petricca was born in Rome on 20 December 1985. He was initiated into painting by his paternal grandmother, a painter and patron of the most beautiful names in Capitoline painting. His maternal grandmother, with whom he grew up, encouraged and spurred him towards an art that was not only purely visual but also tactile. Hence Petricca's experimentation with various soft-to-the-touch industrial materials such as silicone and some resins. His works can be monochromatic or very colorful, in relation to the mood of the moment, however abstract with tendencies towards minimalism and informal. Often at the base of Petricca's work there is a Baroque frame, a family legacy, from which his massive painting overflows, made up of intertwining uncodified free forms, which denotes a complex and twisted personality. Also known are his urban painting interventions that Petricca carried out in various strategic points of Rome, attracting the attention of passers-by and the press. Petricca lives and works between Sabina and Rome.

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