mario tozzi
La frangetta
Year: 1976
Technique: oil on canvas
Size: cm 35x27
Authentication: work recorded at Archivio Mario Tozzi at the number 1633

Mario Tozzi has never loved bright colors, raw tones. It prefers the ocher, the earth, the illuminating tones from the inner world. Looking at this work by Mario Tozzi the colors acquire a mural patina, they seem destined to the fresco. In this small work by Mario Tozzi, executed on rather coarse canvas, the classic female face of Tozzi is depicted. The face surmounts geometrical figures of various shapes and colors. The representation of the face is performed with the artist's usual sharp and sharp lines. The predominant colors are blue, brick, pink and ocher. The roughness of the canvas combined with the softness of the brushstroke give the impression of a fresco


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Arte Mercato, 1977, year 8 N ° 1-2, aemmepi edition, page 54, entire page

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